Traffic & Misdemeanor Lawyer

Traffic & Misdemeanor

1. Traffic

How important is your driver’s license to you?  To most of us it is our livelihood, and the need to drive in the Washington Metropolitan area is an absolute necessity.  Northern Virginia courts treat traffic offenses very seriously.  Driving while intoxicated, driving on a suspended license, reckless driving and other serious traffic offenses carry penalties that include the possibility of a jail sentence, lengthy license suspension and significant fines.  Even minor traffic offenses can have serious implications on insurance rates and demerit point accumulation, leading to administrative suspension of driving privileges by the Department of Motor Vehicles. At the Law Office of Mariam Ebrahimi, we assist clients in avoiding lengthy jail sentences and unnecessary limitations on the privilege to drive.

Traffic charges in Virginia include:

  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI/DWI)
  • Driving on Suspended
  • Reckless Driving
  • Probation Violations
  • Speeding
  • Traffic Infractions

2. Misdemeanor

A misdemeanor is any crime punishable by incarceration of up to one year and a fine up to $2,500.  Any conviction for a misdemeanor will stay on your record forever, and any future misdemeanor offenses can potentially rise to the level of a felony offense, which carries very serious consequences. It is very important to take these charges seriously, and to choose a legal team who will confidently and skillfully handle your case.

The Law Office of Mariam Ebrahimi provides representation for misdemeanor offenses.  If you have been charged with a misdemeanor in Fairfax, Loudon, Arlington, Alexandria, or Prince William, call to schedule a free consultation.  Furthermore, recognizing that times are tough, Ms. Ebrahimi provides quality representation at reasonable rates.

Here, it is understood that one bad day can derail personal progress, call today to get help getting back on track.

Some misdemeanors charged in Virginia are:

  • Petit Larceny
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Assault and Battery
  • Possession of Marijuana
  • Parole and Probation
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Hit and run