How To Be A Great Parent When You Don’t Get Custody

When You Lose The Custody Battle, Keep Being A Great Parent

Most divorce support outlets focus plenty of attention on the parent with primary custody. But what about the one who lost the custody case – even if he or she is still a great parent? Many parents struggle with how to cope after losing a custody decision and remain a strong presence in their kids’ lives. Fairfax, Virginia custody lawyer Mariam Ebrahimi, Esq. shares some important things to remember when you lose the custody case.

Even Great Parents Lose
Firstly, remember that plenty of wonderful parents lose custody battles. This tends to be true for fathers, as the mother is often seen as the most involved in a child’s life. Judges commonly award primary custody to Mom if the child is younger. However, mothers can lose too. It depends on a number of factors that the judge will consider. Keep in mind that losing custody may be no one’s fault and often comes down to the judge’s assignment. If you lose custody, despite your best efforts, don’t take the judgment personally.

Make the Most of Your Time
The non-custodial parent may be given plenty of visitation time if they’ve been a great parent. Whether or not this is true, make the most of the time you do get. Create new traditions with your children that only you do together. Perhaps you play a certain sport or read a certain book series together. Don’t necessarily break a child’s routine, but creating new memories together can be a great way to continue bonding with your child. Also, don’t bribe or coerce kids into spending time with you, but do make them feel at home when they are there. Give them their own space, and invite them to keep any special possessions or mementos at your house if they want.

If you are facing a divorce, get professional help with a qualified custody attorney. Contact Mariam Ebrahimi, Esq., a custody lawyer serving the northern Virginia area.

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