How to Co-Parent After Divorce

Divorce can lead to lasting disdain between former partners. When children are involved, these negative emotions can be especially difficult to manage. If your ex-partner is a legally fit parent who wants to be in your child’s life, you must deal with them regularly. Divorce lawyers in northern Virginia encourage divorced parents to learn to communicate with each other about their children while keeping emotions from getting the best of them. When navigating this complicated issue, it’s important to keep your priorities in mind.

  • Focus on the children. You will always have one thing in common with your ex: your children. If your ex behaves immaturely, has emotional outbursts, or isn’t shouldering the responsibilities they should, this doesn’t give you an excuse to do the same. It only makes it more necessary to be a good parent. When you feel overwhelmed by your ex’s behavior, pause and consider how you should react with your children as your first priority.
  • Don’t trash talk your ex to the kids. Children already feel internal conflict about “choosing sides” during and after a divorce. This puts them under an enormous amount of stress. Saying nasty things about your ex in front of your children is bad for their emotional health. Regardless of your ex’s behavior or how true what you have to say may be, seek other outlets for complaining.
  • Set communication boundaries. If you and your ex set each other off, you shouldn’t be talking all the time. Your ex is guaranteed to have a different approach to parenting than you do. Set times to talk about the important issues – when and where to see the kids, events in their lives, etc. Don’t bring up the petty differences.

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