Why Having A Divorce Lawyer Is Important

Don’t DIY Divorce Proceeding: Hire A Lawyer

Sometimes divorcing couples want to avoid hiring lawyers because they think it’s too messy or expensive. They’ve heard horror stories of alimony disputes and custody battles and don’t want to be “that couple.” However, divorce lawyer Mariam Ebrahimi, Esq. suggests hiring a lawyer for a number of reasons. Here are the most important ones to consider:

Mistakes are Common
Many couples go into divorce without knowing all the laws pertinent to their state. For example, if you grew up in California but are seeking divorce lawyers in Virginia – your new hometown – then you may overlook an important law that wasn’t relevant in California. And that assumes you were familiar with all of the laws that apply. You could be cheating yourself out of payments, visitation rights, or valuable property. Divorce lawyers make it their job to know the ins and outs of the laws per each state. An attorney can help you create a legal agreement free of mistakes because he or she has been trained in your state’s divorce laws and knows the common questions clients have.

Divorce is Stressful
Divorce can strongly resemble the grieving process – and it should, because you’re grieving the loss of a marriage, no matter how brief or tumultuous. You and your ex may experience denial, anger, sadness, or relief. Any mixture of these emotions places you under significant stress, and legal matters will be the last thing on your minds. An attorney serves as an objective party and allows you to heal while he or she cares for the legal side of the divorce.

Paperwork is Difficult
Divorce entails reams of paperwork, and in the shuffle, things get lost. For example, you and your ex might immediately hammer out a custody agreement. Yet, you may forget to decide who will handle the kids’ doctor and dentist appointments. You may struggle with who’s going to pay the credit card debt or who should handle your home’s mortgage. Let an attorney help settle these matters.

A skilled divorce lawyer provides you support and stability during a strenuous period of your life. Contact Mariam Ebrahimi, Esq. today for a consultation.

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