4 Problems To Avoid In Divorce Cases

Divorce cases can be complicated and often lead to serious problems for one party or the other. There are several common mistakes people make in divorce proceedings that can lengthen the ordeal or lead to one party receiving much less than he or she was due.

While a divorce lawyer needs to be involved, especially in the process early on, keep these tips in mind as you enter into your divorce case:

  • Stay organized. The number one problem to avoid is losing track of paperwork. Missing a form or not gathering documentation your attorney will need can draw out the process unnecessarily and considerably, and add to your overall costs. Be proactive and keep track of your financial documents, tax forms, insurance, and other documentation that will need to be addressed as your case progresses.
  • Balance your accounts personally. Not having your financial information from the start can lead to you becoming a financial victim. If you never handled finances during your marriage, now is the time to gather the information. Your spouse may try to liquidate assets during this time, making your claim even more difficult.Mismanaged finances can also lead to problems related to the court’s perception of your character and capabilities as a parent (if applicable). Make copies of important forms, and note any changes in assets or shared policies, such as insurance. Taking time to gather all necessary materials can keep you from losing your rightful financial claim.
  • Know when to fold. Another common problem to avoid is continuing to negotiate when negotiations are no longer useful. This can cause unnecessary emotional strain and excessive fees. Sometimes knowing when to let go is just as important as knowing what to fight for.
  • Respect the court’s decisions. Disregarding court orders not only serves to delay your case, it can hurt you as well. Remain informed about what is expected of you in the case.

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